Specialty Medical Installation


MEID is a General Electric approved contractor and has a long history of partnering with the medical community.  MEID is known throughout New York state for quality partnering with physicians, hospitals, engineers, architects and physicists in the completion of various medical space and medical equipment installations. 

Decades of experience designing, building, and renovating medical facilities as well as preparing them for the most technical and cutting edge diagnostic and treatment equipment sets MEID apart from the rest. MEID understands the significant demands that medical building projects require; we make sure entrances, hallways, and restrooms are American Disabilities Act compliant and that facilities are user friendly for patients, staff, and maintenance personnel. At the same time, we take pride in the collaboration of finishes that are pleasing to the eye, functional and familiar to reduce stress for patients. MEID stands proud to work with leaders in an industry tied to exacting standards and expectations for positive outcomes.

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